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We are Data Systems Group at University of Central Florida. UCF is one of the oldest and largest phd granting programs in computer science in state of Florida.Our group consists of around 17 Ph.D students and a faculty member. We also collaborate with other faculty members in Computer Science, Biology, and other departments. We are located in the Harris Engineering Center at UCF's main campus in Orlando. The research interests of the group are diverse and wide. We conduct cutting edge research on the following aspects of data

  • Data Management
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Communication
  • Data Security and Privacy

We also pride ourselves with building industrial strength prototypes. Over the years our research has been supported by numerous funding agencies both government and private, including National Science Foundation, NASA, Florida Department of Transportation, Symantec Inc, Intel Inc, Oracle Corp., etc.  We also work with the UCF Office of Research and Commercialization to commercialize our research.

For all you prospective UCF applicants here is some useful information. UCF is known as the "hidden jewel" of Florida. It is located in a metropolitan city of Orlando. These are exiciting times for UCF and orlando. UCF got just a new arena and a new stadium. A new medical school has been approved and will be operationaly by 2009. Burham institute for medical Research has selected Orlando as their new research site in Florida. UCF will partner with them to conduct cutting edge research in medical field. Orlando is ranked 1 for the number of jobs it created in 2006-2007. We encourage you to be part of such exciting growth by applying to the UCF CS program.


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